About Us

Kids will be kids, we’ve got two of them so we get that.  We’ve lost count of the times our daughter has wanted to wear her favourite Rock Your Kid tutu to the park or the fact that our son will often want to wear the same pair of Band of Boys shorts for days in a row (he’s pre-teen and a boy so we’ll leave that one there!)

And we know we’re not alone here, parents want to buy clothing that can be thrashed and not just saved for a good occasion or toys that  can be passed down to siblings. So with that in mind, we hand select all of our pieces, with quality and the ability to stand the test of time as an essential requirement for all of the products that you find in our store. Oh and it helps that we work with some of the most stylish kids brands around from both NZ and further afield because let’s face it kids also like to look the part!

Our incredible instore team is made up of local mums who possess a wealth of knowledge of all things kids, so whether you’re shopping online with us or instore at 330 Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui we know you’ll love our exceptional, personalised service.  Catering for 0-14 years, we’ve got you covered from baby to teen.

In April 2019 we added to our offering after we saw an opportunity to purchase an existing online toy store called The Wooden Toy Box. We rebranded it to The Toy Box to reflect its' increased offering and we are now one of the largest retailer of Hape Toys in New Zealand. 


Andrea, Andrew, Mackay & Mia