by The Kiss Co

When your little one hears the words in this story they will feel your love and affection, no matter how far apart you may be. Told by a grown-up trying to make the perfect cuddle for their little one, this book is about all of the wonderful things cuddles can do. It builds the idea that a cuddle is something you 'make', not just 'give'. My cuddle will feel like the roar of the ocean, and take hold like a spell from a magical potion. My cuddle will help us lose track of the time, with my arms outside yours, and yours inside mine. With Ami Muir's charming and endearing text and whimsical illustrations by Becky Lazarevic, I Made You A Cuddle is bound to become a family favourite and a treasured bedtime ritual. Turning a Cuddle into a character is a unique idea that extends far beyond this book. Perfect for newborn up to school age, I Made You A Cuddle can become your new nightly routine for the togetherness you both crave.

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