by Sassi Science
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You’re never too young to develop a sense of wonder about the world and this combined book and puzzle from Sassi Science, is certainly going to make children excited for all that major cities like London and Paris have to offer. 

Depart on a voyage to discover Paris, capital of France. Turn the pages to learn about the history of the city, and share in the frenetic and exciting life of the Parisians. Assemble the 140 piece puzzle and locate the most famous buildings and attractions in Paris. 

Read all kinds of facts in the book, then test your memory by assembling the 140 piece puzzle which then has the 10 key buildings standing vertical to create a wonderful city reference at a glance. 

That extra sense of wonder is no accident as Sassi Science is an Italian company and so Paris is regarded with fresh eyes. This guide and puzzle is simply enchanting.

Paris Book and 140-Piece Puzzle Set features:

  • Designed in Italy.
  • Crafted from responsibly sourced paper and durable materials.
  • Includes an Index of different Parisian areas
  • 140 piece puzzle.
  • Includes 10 shaped pieces of the most iconic buildings to make a 3D map.
  • Store all the pieces in the boxed container.
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up.
  • Presented in a witty, glossy illustrated box.

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