by Lactation Station

Want the taste of The Lactation Stations delicious cookies but in your own flavour?

This premix is not only simple and tasty but it'll fill your home with that delicious home baked cookie smell.

Simply add 110g Butter, 1 Egg and your desired flavour (optional). 
Portion into sizes and create the cookie shape and bake.

This premix is a great option for those who prefer a Dairy-free or Vegan option. Simply replace the butter with Coconut oil and the egg with an egg replacement.

Makes approximately 30 cookies.

Pre-heat oven at 170degrees on fan bake.
Tip pre-mix into a mixing bowl.
Add 110g of either softened butter or coconut oil and 1 egg to the pre-mix. If you wish, add the desired flavour then combine until you have your cookie dough.
Separate mix into desired sizes of cookies and place on lined oven trays.
Bake for 15 minutes or until cookies are slightly golden.

TIP: To get the delicious moist texture that our mummies love, remove the cookies from the
oven when they are still slightly soft.

Keep package sealed once opened. Store out of direct sunlight at room temperature. Once dough is formed, you can portion it out to freeze and bake when needed.

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